The Unseen Miracle book series is created with the intention of opening ourselves to receiving miracles into our lives.  

  The books contain photographs of everyday objects we see all around us.  Hidden in the textures and forms are miraculous images of faces and creatures that often go unseen until revealed?  These photos are proof that miracles exist all around us.  Once we have witnessed this ourselves, we begin to invite more of them directly into our lives. 

"As we witness the small, unseen miracles all around us

we open to receiving the larger ones."

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Jonathan Lee Sanders

About the author

As a studio art major in college, I have always looked deeply into the nature of reality and how it is experienced and expressed through the body, heart, and mind?  How do we look at things?  What exactly are we noticing about whatever it is we are looking at, or hearing, or tasting...?  

I have found that when we look more deeply and abandon any thought of what we think we are looking at, unseen miracles appear.

I am putting together a series of books containing images that are proof of the miraculous.  Faces and creatures hidden in the folds of discarded paper towels in a trash can, or hiding in the textures of a rock, or a cloud.  They can be anywhere if you choose to look?