About the author

"As we witness the small, unseen miracles all around us

we open to receiving the larger ones."

Jonathan Lee Sanders

​At the age of seven I had an out of body experience after being hit by a car.  This event shaped my perspective of life and made me question everything around me.  I became infatuated with art, music, and exploring the potential of the human body and mind.  This lead me to pursue an art degree in college, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor degree in studio art.  During that time I was also skiing professionally as a member of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, touring the world with an acrobatic ski show, and coaching young athletes competing in national and international events.  My love of music evolved into performing professionally in multiple bands playing guitar and writing songs.  I am also a father of two amazing daughters.

​Over the past several years I have been collecting images of everyday objects I see all around me.  Often times these images appear as nothing special.  I have found that if you look deeper into what is right in front of you, miracles often reveal themselves.  So I collected as many of these images I could find, placed them in three books over a three year period, and gave them to my friends and family for Christmas presents.  Everyone loved them, especially their children, so I decided to make them available online for everyone to enjoy.  I truly believe that if we look for these amazing gifts from the universe that are hiding in everyday objects all around us it will enrich our lives and open us to the miraculous.

  The Unseen Miracle book series is created with the intention of opening ourselves to receiving miracles into our lives.  

  The books contain photographs of everyday objects we see all around us.  Hidden in the textures and forms are miraculous images of faces and creatures that often go unseen until revealed?  These photos are proof that miracles exist all around us.  Once we have witnessed this ourselves, we begin to invite more of them directly into our lives.